SAS® and OSU Marketing Analytics Certificate Program

What is Marketing Analytics?

It involves the use of Statistical analysis, Data mining (Machine Learning), Simulation and Optimization techniques to make better business decisions using appropriate data (numeric and non-numeric).

SAS® and OSU Marketing Analytics Certificate Program:

This program is designed to produce analytically-savvy managers who will be adept at leading teams of IT, Marketing and Strategy personnel in any organization to solve complex business problems by analyzing appropriate data. The curriculum for the program was designed in partnership with SAS®, a leading provider of marketing analytics software and services.


Any current full-time or part-time OSU MBA student or a working professional enrolled in the graduate certificate in marketing analytics (see left menu bar) is eligible to receive this certificate by completing course requirements.

Program Format:

The courses are offered both on campus and online, enabling full and part-time students or working professionals to complete the certificate requirements at their convenience. A broad range of elective courses also allows students wide flexibility to customize their course work.

Course Requirements:

Graduate students must complete at least 12 credit hours of courses, including one core course and at least three elective courses. For more information about courses, see Program Details on the left menu bar.

How do you get the SAS® and OSU Marketing Analytics certificate?

First, make sure your plan of study (contact your academic advisor) reflects the courses required to get this certificate. Then, in the middle of semester you are completing all coursework for this certificate, first download the certificate application Excel spreadsheet (click here). Fill-in all the details in the certificate application Excel spreadsheet and send that via an email to . Your credentials will be verified and you will receive an invitation to attend the certificate award ceremony (usually held on the graduation day of the Fall and the Spring semester). If you cannot attend the award ceremony, the certificate will be mailed to you.

Contact Us for More Information:

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